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The Continued Rise of Cyber Security as a Career Industry

Each year, we hear about more innovative ways hackers and cyber criminals are stealing fortunes and wreaking havoc across the globe. In 2024, Forbes highlights at least five areas of major concern for the near future:   1. Rise in ransomware attacks 2. Increased AI-powered attacks 3. Electric vehicle hack attacks 4. Supply chain attacks […]

What are the 5 Whys & When is it Used in Six Sigma?

Five whys (or 5 whys) is a technique first described by Taiichi Ohno at Toyota Motor Corporation. It is an iterative interrogative technique employed within the six sigma methodology, and used typically to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem. The primary goal of the technique is to determine the root cause of a […]

The Benefits of Getting IASSC Certified in Six Sigma Methodology

More than just a way of improving processes, Six Sigma methodology has the potential to revolutionise the way your business runs. If you have ever felt frustrated that your processes are slow and inefficient, resulting in lower outputs and lower profits, Six Sigma can change all of that. Since its development in 1986, this methodology […]
Microsoft Azure Certification Courses and Microsoft 365 Certification Courses Online

New Microsoft Azure and 365 Certification Courses

Hudson are excited to announce a new collection of Microsoft Azure and 365 certification courses. These online certification courses fall under a new category of role-based certifications that make up the next generation of Microsoft professional certifications. As technical jobs become increasingly complex and require high levels of skill, these new role-based certifications allow you […]

How to Get a Six Sigma Certification

At Hudson we’re often asked by people, including businesses, how to get a Six Sigma certification. With Six Sigma being widely adopted across most industries, it’s no wonder there are questions around the route to certification.   Six Sigma Certification Bodies   The first thing we need to explain is that there are several different […]
How to Start Your Cyber Security Training as a Beginner

How to Start Your Cyber Security Training as a Beginner

Previously we’ve covered why you should take a cyber security certification course, but the options can still be daunting. At Hudson we offer over 30 security courses, and we are continually adding to our selection as the field expands.   If you are a beginner with no background in IT or security, you can still […]
Cyber Security Jobs are in High Demand – 3 Reasons to Start a Cyber Security Certification Course Today

Cyber Security Jobs are in High Demand – 3 Reasons to Start a Cyber Security Certification Course Today

Today more than ever, businesses are racing to improve their cyber security. Job titles like “cyber security analyst,” “ethical hacker” and “penetration tester” are popping up all over IT job sites and any institution worth its salt offers cyber security certification courses . But what does this catchphrase “cyber security” mean, anyway, and why is […]
Hudson Courses Exam Deal Bundles come with MeasureUp Exam Preparation - the global leader in certification test preparation

MeasureUp Practice Tests: IT Exam Deals just got even better!

Hudson are excited to now offer MeasureUp exam practice tests as part of our best-selling Exam Deal Bundles. MeasureUp is the 20-year global leader in IT and project management certification practice tests.   Here are a few reasons that MeasureUp is the Gold Standard in exam preparation: Practice tests are accurately mapped to the certification […]
Mile2 IT Networking Security Certifications

New! Mile2 IT Security Certifications

The Undisputed Benchmark Hudson is proud to announce a new partnership with Mile2, the standard for cyber security training to governments, militaries, and private organizations around the world. Mile2 courses are perfect for anyone in the field of cyber security, network security, or defense. Mile2 training courses have become the standard for military services in […]

The Benefits of Being CompTIA Certified

The Industry Standard   Did you know that 96% of HR managers use IT certifications as a screening or hiring criteria?   IT certifications are a valuable way to advance your career, whether you have an entry level job, or you’re a seasoned IT professional.   CompTIA Certifications are one of the most highly recognized […]

Business Training Solutions: Scale Your Growth With E-learning

As your company grows, your employee training program needs to grow with it. But the price of off-site training and corporate development programs can be extremely costly.   That’s why more and more companies are choosing e-learning to train their staff. From small startups to international corporations, businesses of all sizes leverage online training to […]
IT Certification Career Benefits

Four Reasons to Get an IT Certification Today

IT Job Opportunities Are On the Rise   In recent years the number of IT jobs has grown substantially. In the UK alone, 100,000 new IT jobs have been created since 2012. And from 2015 to 2016, IT job postings increased 10% in the UK, reaching 1.3 million postings. In other words, 1 in 10 […]
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