Microsoft Azure Certification Courses and Microsoft 365 Certification Courses Online

New Microsoft Azure and 365 Certification Courses

Hudson are excited to announce a new collection of Microsoft Azure and 365 certification courses. These online certification courses fall under a new category of role-based certifications that make up the next generation of Microsoft professional certifications.

As technical jobs become increasingly complex and require high levels of skill, these new role-based certifications allow you to target the exact certification path you need in order to succeed in your job. Microsoft certifications are the best way to demonstrate that you are up to date with the latest technological advancements in your job role.

Our Azure and 365 certification course bundles include all relevant online course training, official certification exam fees, and Acclaim Badges which demonstrate your skills on your CV. Our course bundles also include MeasureUP practice tests for the majority of the courses. MeasureUP are the official provider for Microsoft exam tests, and are the closest experience to the real Microsoft exam.

Benefits of Getting a Microsoft Azure Certification


Microsoft Azure Certification Courses Online

Cloud computing is rapidly growing, and Microsoft Azure is one of the top cloud providers in the world. For 2019, the cloud service market is projected to grow over 17%, reaching $206.2 billion (USD) worldwide. Microsoft Azure adoption is growing fast, and jumped from 43% to 58% in 2018 alone (Forbes, 2018).

In the UK, Microsoft expanded its ‘Azure Availability Zones’ by more than 50% in 2019, indicating widespread expansion in the country (Data Economy, 2019). With such high adoption rates, demand for Azure cloud computing jobs is on the rise. UK job listings citing Azure skills has almost doubled since 2017, and median salary for jobs with Azure skills has grown to £55,000 p.a. (ITJobsWatch, 2019).

At Hudson we offer three unique Azure certification bundles. Job opportunities for Azure certifications range from Administrator, and Devops, to Solutions Architect. Click below to learn more about each certification path:

Microsoft Azure Associate

Microsoft Azure Engineer Associate

Microsoft Azure Expert


Benefits of Getting a Microsoft 365 Certification


Microsoft Office 365 Online Certification Courses

Microsoft 365 is a central part of the Microsoft cloud services. Subscription plans include Windows, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Microsoft 365 is everything a business needs to get started in a cloud based environment.

With 96% of all organizations using cloud computing to some degree, Microsoft 365 adoption is growing at an enormous rate. It’s the most widely used cloud service, with one in five corporate employees now using Office 365 (CIO, 2018, and McAfee, 2019).

Microsoft’s new role-based certifications are divided into three skill levels: Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. Our Microsoft 365 certification bundles cover all three levels, depending on your job goals. Click below to learn more about each certification path:

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals to Enterprise Administrator Expert Certification

Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop and Teamwork Administrator Associate Certification

Microsoft 365 Security and Messaging Administrator Associate Certification

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Associate Certification

Learn, Grow, Advance Your Career

Whether you’re looking to advance your career or improve your capacities in your current role, Microsoft certifications teach you vital skills and help you demonstrate your knowledge. In fact, certified employees earn 15% more on average compared to non-certified team members. Those with certifications are also 20% more productive in their work (Microsoft, 2019).

Hudson’s new Azure and 365 Certification Bundles offer the greatest value. We combine training, coursework, exams, and test prep at an affordable rate. All learning is self paced and online, so you can fit learning into your life with ease. We also provide simple monthly installment plans with zero interest or additional fees.

If you’re ready to level up your career, learn more about our Microsoft Bundles today:

See Microsoft Azure and 365 Certification Exam Bundles

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