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The Benefits of Getting IASSC Certified in Six Sigma Methodology

More than just a way of improving processes, Six Sigma methodology has the potential to revolutionise the way your business runs. If you have ever felt frustrated that your processes are slow and inefficient, resulting in lower outputs and lower profits, Six Sigma can change all of that. Since its development in 1986, this methodology has been helping companies all over the globe to do business better. Get certified in Six Sigma and start rethinking how your company does business.
What is the Six Sigma Methodology?
Six Sigma methodology is a tool that organisations use to improve their business and manufacturing processes. The goal is to decrease the amount of variation in processes that can lead to defective products or services. These improvements can not only increase the quality of the outputs but also boost morale and improve your bottom line.
Six Sigma Certification Benefits for the Business
Businesses that have undergone the Six Sigma certification now cannot imagine doing business any other way. It transforms the way the entire company thinks about processes, resulting in numerous benefits:
Data-Driven Improvements: As an SME, it can be challenging to decide where to invest your money. Do you pay for marketing and hope for results or rather try to improve your processes so that the customers you already have are more satisfied? Instead of spending money and seeing results through trial and error, Six Sigma offers a data-driven method for process improvement. Your business will easily be able to justify the implementation through the outcomes – a lower percentage of faults, increased number of outputs created, and higher revenues.
Enhance Service Delivery: Once you have implemented the Six Sigma methodology in your processes, you can enjoy delivering your goods and services faster than ever before, without compromising on quality. With time-consuming mistakes removed from the equation, you can more quickly get your goods out to your customers.
Customer Satisfaction: By upgrading your business processes through Six Sigma methodologies, you will have a higher quality final product. The better the product you produce, the greater your customer satisfaction will be. A superior product increases brand loyalty, especially if you can maintain consistently high-quality processes to make perfect products every time.
Increase Profits: Spend less money on producing sub-par goods and reduce waste. These benefits will increase the amount of profit your company can make per unit sold. Additionally, as your customers will be happier with the quality of your products, you are more likely to attain repeat business and more word-of-mouth referrals.
Staff Morale: When staff know that they are efficient and productive at work, and their efforts are recognised, this increases employee satisfaction. Six Sigma unites staff in working towards a common goal – process improvement. If you can communicate how your team’s efforts will help the company achieve its organisational outcomes, you will have a much more motivated team.
Six Sigma Certification Benefits for your Career
There are numerous benefits of having a Six Sigma green belt, yellow belt, or black belt. No matter which type you choose, it can help you advance your career, become recognised as a leader, and even increase your salary. Here are the Six Sigma Certification benefits for career advancement:
Earn More: Attaining a Six Sigma belt may be able to increase your salary. On average, in the US, a Black Belt makes around $127, 000 USD each year, while Green Belts could earn about $95,000. Undertake this training to increase your value to the company, and therefore your earning potential.
Get Hired: If you have trouble communicating your skills and what you can bring to the table at a new company, a Six Sigma certification can help. Having this achievement on your resume instantly shows employers that you have excellent analytical capabilities and a thorough understanding of business processes. Easily stand out amongst the sea of applicants with this certification.
Become a Leader: Organisational leaders must be change agents for processes that improve the outcome for the customer. Those with a Six Sigma Black Belt have proven their ability to inspire and motivate their colleagues to improve deliverable quality. Once you have implemented Six Sigma processes in your organisation, you will also have data to back up the results. Take note of the efficiencies you have achieved and use this to show your company why they should promote you.
Access The Benefits of Six Sigma Methodology Today
As a leader, manager, or staff member, you want only the best for your organisation. Hudson is leading the way as a Six Sigma training provider for professionals in a range of industries. Study with us to gain an internationally recognised qualification accredited by IASSC.
Complete one of our online courses to gain the benefits of having a Six Sigma Green Belt, Yellow Belt, or Black Belt. These programmes are self-paced, so you fit the modules into your work schedule. Follow the tutorials to learn the theories behind Six Sigma methodologies and then implement your knowledge during the practice exams to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the materials.
Achieve success today with the Six Sigma Certification.
A closing note
We hope you found this article helpful in demystifying the world of Six Sigma certification. If you’re looking for further advice, please feel free to reach out to the Hudson support team. We are here to help you succeed!

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