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The Continued Rise of Cyber Security as a Career Industry

Each year, we hear about more innovative ways hackers and cyber criminals are stealing fortunes and wreaking havoc across the globe. In 2024, Forbes highlights at least five areas of major concern for the near future:
1. Rise in ransomware attacks
2. Increased AI-powered attacks
3. Electric vehicle hack attacks
4. Supply chain attacks
5. Biometric authentication disruption
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With no signs of decreasing in scale and severity any time soon, the cyber threat level is such that there has never been a more opportune time to explore a career in cyber security. Our cyber security for beginners courses have all the tools you need to make a difference to the world. We’ll provide you with the skillsets and certifications to land your first cyber security job.
Our range of cyber security for beginners courses are suited to people with no background in IT. They’re also suitable for individuals already working in IT that are looking to hone their skills and/or provide their company with a higher level of cyber protection.
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