Mile2 IT Networking Security Certifications

New! Mile2 IT Security Certifications

The Undisputed Benchmark

Hudson is proud to announce a new partnership with Mile2, the standard for cyber security training to governments, militaries, and private organizations around the world.

Mile2 courses are perfect for anyone in the field of cyber security, network security, or defense.

Mile2 training courses have become the standard for military services in the US, EU, Canada, Australia, and Asia, with training programs for elite groups such as the Royal Air Force, Canadian DND, FBI, Marines, Army, and National Guard. On top of that, Mile2 is accredited by the NSA and has also trained staff from the UN, NATO, Boeing, intelligence agencies, numerous Fortune 100 companies, and over 10,000 private sector organizations.

With such prestigious credentials, Mile2 is the undisputed benchmark for IT and network security training.  

Mile2 IT Security certifications are accredited by the NSA and preferred by the FBI.

Comprehensive IT Security Training

Mile2 courses provide comprehensive certifications unique to the needs of IT security professionals. Unlike other courses that only focus on the techniques and tools of hacking, Mile2 security training includes penetration testing to verify system threats. Going far beyond basic cybersecurity, students also learn in-depth network security analysis, ethical hacking, digital forensics, audits, and much more.  

Each course includes intensive hands-on labs, self-paced video and e-book training, an exam prep guide, and exam simulator. Courses also cover the cost of two certification exam fees. By the end of each certification, you will have the most up-to-date practical training, so you can confidently apply your new skills to assess security vulnerabilities across any organization or military environment.

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Popular Mile2 IT Certifications

Here are some of the most popular Mile2 cybersecurity certifications:

Certified Information Systems Security Officer (C)ISSO)Certified Information Systems Security Officer (CISSO)

The CISSO addresses the broad range of industry best practices, knowledge and skills expected of a security manager/officer. Whether you’re responsible for the management of a Cyber Security team, a Security Officer, an IT auditor or a Business Analyst, the C)ISSO certification course is an ideal way to increase your knowledge, expertise and skill.

Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer (CDRE)

When a business is hit by a natural disaster, cyber crime or any other disruptive tragedy, how should the organization react? What if the network infrastructure is taken down? Upon completion, Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer students will be able to establish industry acceptable DR & BCP standards with current best practices and policies.

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer (CPTE)

This certification course was built firmly upon proven, hands-on, Penetration Testing methodologies. based on the 5 Key Elements of Pen Testing; Information Gathering, Scanning, Enumeration, Exploitation and Reporting. The latest vulnerabilities will be discovered using these tried and true techniques.

Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (CPEH)

This is the foundational training to Mile2’s penetration testing courses. Students will learn skills in conducting Vulnerability Assessments and understand how malware and destructive viruses function. In addition, the CPEH course helps students learn how to implement counter response and preventative measures when it comes to a network hack.

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