IT Certification Career Benefits

Four Reasons to Get an IT Certification Today

IT Job Opportunities Are On the Rise
In recent years the number of IT jobs has grown substantially. In the UK alone, 100,000 new IT jobs have been created since 2012. And from 2015 to 2016, IT job postings increased 10% in the UK, reaching 1.3 million postings. In other words, 1 in 10 of all UK job postings are IT positions.
However, with so much opportunity comes plenty of competition. To stand apart from the crowd, IT professionals must continually hone their skills to gain an edge over competition. IT certifications are one of the most valuable tools one can acquire to accomplish this.
Whether you’re a seasoned IT pro or just getting started in your career, here are four reasons to get an IT certification:
1. Make a strong impression with hiring managers
IT Certification Online Course Benefits
96% of HR managers use IT certifications as a screening or hiring criteria when recruiting new employees. With an IT certification, you have an opportunity to make a strong first impression during the hiring process.
2. Qualify for your dream job
72% of employers require IT certifications for certain job openings. 8 out of 10 HR execs verify certifications among job candidates. And In addition, 91% of employers believe IT certifications are a reliable predictor of a successful employee. With an IT certification, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you are a qualified applicant with a strong potential for success.
3. Turbocharge your work performance
Businesses which hire staff with IT certifications report a significant improvement in performance compared to non-certified employees. These businesses typically report:

  • 17% improvement in IT team efficiency
  • 26% reduction in mean time to repair outages
  • Over 50% reduction in time to create new applications

4. Earn more income
Employees with IT certifications report a 15% higher average income compared to non-certified employees. They also receive more responsibility and report more opportunities for advancement in their careers.
Which IT Certification Should I Get?
At Hudson, the majority of our certification programs are online, self-paced courses. This lets you fit your training around your life, and learn at your convenience. Here are some of our most popular online IT certification courses:
IT Support Technician Certification Bundle With Exams
This course bundle is aimed at anyone looking to gain entry into the IT field as an IT Support Technician. Support Technicians are the backbone of any IT department. This bundle includes the costs of the official certification exams, saving you £1,000 in total! 

Learn More About IT Support Technician Certifications

Cisco CCNA Certification Bundle With Exams
This certification bundle is ideal for anyone that is looking to get Cisco CCNA certified, and topics cover Routing and Switching, and Security.

Learn More About the Cisco CCNA Certification Bundle With Exams

CompTIA IT Security Bundle With Exams
IT security skills are in high demand. In 2016, UK listings for IT security positions grew 46% over the previous year. And in 2016, the average salary for IT security employees rose across 10 key UK cities, reaching £62,596 in London. CompTIA reports that 40% of companies are in need of staff with IT security skills.

Learn More About the CompTIA IT Security Bundle With Exams

Cisco Networking for Beginners Certification Bundle With Exams
If you’ve ever considered working as a Cisco Networking Engineer or specialist, but felt you lacked the knowledge or skills to launch your career, this might be what you’re looking for.

Learn More About Cisco Networking for Beginners Bundle With Exams


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