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Talent acquisition typically involves finding specialists, leaders, and/or future executives for very specific roles. Two of the niche markets that may benefit from talent acquisition are technology and management. Niche roles in some industries may narrow the pool of potential candidates even further. Some of these may include process management, SQL database management, server management, software development, cloud, network forensics, Cisco networking, and cyber security. Forbes reports over a million job openings in cyber security alone in the last two years. This is largely down to a requirement for more specialists to manage and mitigate cyber crime. These types of roles can be difficult to fill if employers are not able to gain direct access to suitable talent pools. This is where Hudson can help.
We have the ability to access a vast pool of talent to fulfill your skills and knowledge requirement. We offer transparent and simple to understand rates. In addition, we also offer a competitive rebate period.
Our Rates
We have three rates based on level of experience. The percentage rate shown below (and invoiced) reflects the disclosed first year salary of the candidate. This is payable upon successful placement of the candidate. For clarity, we have prepared an example. If we successfully filled a junior role within your company with a disclosed first year salary of £25,000, our invoice would be £2,500 (ex VAT). For the avoidance of doubt, we consider ‘experience’ to mean working continuously within the same field for the periods specified below.


  1. Junior: 10% of first year salary (not exceeding 2 years experience)
  2. Experienced: 15% of first year salary (not exceeding 5 years years experience)
  3. Senior: 20% of first year salary (5+ years experience)

Rebate Period
If for some reason our candidate’s employment is terminated within 3 month’s of their commencement, or decides to leave, we will offer a rebate. Our rates exceed the industry standard. These are as follows:

  • Month 1: refund 100%
  • Month 2: refund 75%
  • Month 3: refund 50%
  • Month 4: no rebate offered.

Our rebate is effectively a ‘money-back’ scheme, offering our clients (i.e. the employer) a refund in the event the candidate we place fails to be unsuitable despite all the checks and balances being carried out. In the context of the rebate period, 1 month = 4 weeks commencing from the time the candidate physically begins employment.

Watch this video from Linkedin Talent Solutions to learn why Nestle switched its talent growth strategy from recruitment to talent acquisition.

What you can expect from us:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Close attention to your requirements
  • Provision of quality candidates
  • Candidate short-listing
  • First-round candidate interviewing
  • Certification checks
  • Reference checks
  • No cost until candidate starts employment
  • Competitive rebate period

For more information or to discuss your skills requirement, contact us on 020 3095 0468 or email support@hudsoncourses.com.

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