Workplace Skills 101: Effective Leadership – Live, Virtual Class (1 day workshop)

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This course is part of our workplace skills 101 series, designed for companies and organisations. The series is taught by an Industrial and Organisational (IO) Psychologist. So what is IO Psychology? IO psychologists focus on the behaviour of employees in the workplace. They apply psychological principles and research methods to improve the overall work environment, including performance, communication, professional satisfaction and safety. They can do this through a number of ways, such as observation, or in this case, through workshops and online courses aimed at employees.

There are many variables that determine how well an organisation or company operates. Effective communication and conflict resolution, process evaluation, professional competence and effective management are examples of the components necessary for businesses to succeed. Often, shortcomings in any of these areas can be traced back to the ways employees are selected, trained, share information or interact. IO psychologists use their knowledge of human behaviour to address these challenges.
IO psychology techniques can be applied to all types of organisational and workplace settings, such as manufacturing, commercial enterprises, labor unions and health care facilities. Specific applications can include creative strategic thinking, delegating skills, effective decision-making strategies, team development, emotional intelligence for teams, performance feedback and coaching, leadership skills, and work-life balance.
How does this class work?
This is a virtual, live online class, taught by a tutor in real-time. It requires a minimum of five learners to run (i.e. you’ll need to enrol 5 learners). The customer (e.g. organisation/company) can select their own class date/s. The tutor will use diagrams, illustrations, and examples to teach the course. You will also be provided with digital course material (where necessary), that you will use during the course. The tutor will give students the opportunity to interact with him/her during or after the lessons.

Key features of class:

  • 1-day, 4hr live, online workshop
  • Taught by an IO Psychologist
  • Requires a minimum of five learners to run
  • The customer (i.e. organisation/company) can select their own class date/s
  • Course material provided, where necessary
  • Course can be taken remotely, from any where in the world
  • Ideal for both concentrated or dispersed employees
  • No exams required upon completion of course

What’s covered in this class?
This workshop will examine leadership theories and their application in the workplace. We will examine all the necessary components to be an effective leader in order to maximise performance. We will examine different leadership styles to uncover the best qualities and assess your own leadership style and how to improve on it.
Why is leadership important in the workplace?
Any organisation, whether it’s a business, school, or government agency, needs leaders to help guide the way. Leaders provide direction and vision, motivate and inspire others, and help create an environment conducive to success by promoting communication and collaboration among team members. In short, leadership and strong management are essential for any organization that wants to achieve its objectives.
Here are ten reasons why leadership is important in the workplace:
1. Improves communication
One of the most important duties of a leader is to facilitate communication within the workplace. Clear and concise communication is essential for any team to function correctly. Effective leaders will make it a point to keep lines of communication open at all times and create an open and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas. By ensuring employees have a forum to voice their concerns and opinions, a leader can encourage a work culture where new ideas are welcome, and misunderstandings are avoided.
2. Creates a better work environment
Leaders have a profound impact on their overall work environment. Effective leaders create an atmosphere of trust and respect, which in turn fosters creativity and collaboration. Employee morale is also higher in workplaces with strong management, leading to stronger workplace relationships. When employees feel engaged with their team and that their contributions matter, they are more likely to be motivated to go above and beyond in the workplace.
3. Improves productivity
A successful leader makes all the difference in a team’s productivity. When employees feel excited about the work they’re doing, they are more likely to be productive. On the other hand, a poor leader can cause employees to become disengaged and uninterested in their work. A team that is led effectively will be more productive, efficient, and successful overall.
4. Increases efficiency
A productive leader can help to improve efficiency by getting the most out of their team. Leaders can help improve efficiency by ensuring everyone is working towards the same goal and doing what they do best. They can provide guidance and direction while delegating tasks to make the most of everyone’s strengths.
5. Decreases mistakes
A capable leader is essential for any workplace that wants to minimize mistakes and run smoothly. This is especially important in high-pressure environments where mistakes can have serious consequences. A leader needs to be able to identify potential problems early on and quickly resolve them.
6. Motivates employees
Good leaders know how to effectively motivate their employees. They understand that people are different and that what works for one person may not work for another. As a result, they take the time to get to know their team members and discover what works best for them. This can then create a more motivated group of employees who are excited about their own strengths and workplace contributions.
7. Sets a good example for others
An effective leader knows that setting a good example is one of the best ways to inspire others. After all, people are more likely to follow someone they see as a role model. By behaving in a way that exemplifies the values and goals of their team or organization, good leaders can show others what it means to be a committed and successful member.
8. Inspires hard work
A great leader can instil a sense of purpose in their team. When people feel like they are working towards something bigger than themselves, they are more likely to be willing to put in the hard work required to achieve it. An effective leader knows how to tap into this sense of purpose and channel it into productive effort.
9. Creates a strong vision and direction for the future
A successful leader understands the importance of having a solid vision and how to create one that will guide their organization toward a bright future. Without a clear vision, maintaining momentum or progressing toward long-term goals can be challenging. A leader with a strong vision can create a sense of direction and purpose, helping to focus and energize an entire organization.
10. Helps keep employees on track
Once the company’s vision is well-articulated and understood, sound leadership is essential to keep employees focused on reaching that goal. This means clearly communicating the company’s vision and objectives as progress is made and changes occur, and then providing the necessary support and resources for success.
What do I need to participate in this class?
All you need is an internet connection and a device, such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC, and an internet connection. We recommend you access it using either a laptop or desktop computer through Google Chrome.

Any questions?
If you have any questions about this course, please feel free to reach out to our support team via email ( or phone (020 3095 0468). We’re available to answer your questions, Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm UK time.

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