What are Live Labs?

Live Labs are in essence simulators for IT learners. They allow an individual to apply their course skills in a software environment that is not harmful to others or equipment. As an example, a learner can configure a network and setup a firewall within such an environment. Live Labs not only provide learners with valued experience, but help to better prepare them for their final exams. All Live Labs come with instructions and tasks. These tasks are related to the material covered in a course. For instance, if a learner undertakes a networking course, s/he will be required to undertake networking related tasks in his or her Live Lab.

In today’s world of complex IT systems and technologies, it is essential that IT professionals and those new to IT are able to demonstrate how to use and understand various systems and software. Using Live Labs can help develop a learner’s practical IT skills in a safe working environment without the need to invest in hardware and software. With the ease and convenience of the Internet, we provide the learner with access to real equipment that brings theory to life and gives them a greater depth of technology understanding. Having Live Lab experience can also give a learner an edge on their CV.

We offer live labs in a range of vendor areas from Microsoft and Cisco, to CompTIA. Environments include MS Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory, and more.

You can purchase Live Labs individually or with a a set of courses.

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